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Aug 31, 2011: ASL BiSL Awards 2011
The ASL BiSL Foundation wants to reward organizations for their initiatives in the implementation of ASL and/or BiSL. Therefore the foundation organizes the annual 'ASL BiSL Awards' election.
Aug 18, 2011: Research Business & IT Alignment vs Outsoursing
The Business & IT Trends Institute (BITTI) has been doing research on the alignment between business and IT for 15 years.  One of her advisors, Barry Derksen, is now doing PhD research in The Netherlands on the relationship between this alignment and outsourcing.
Aug 14, 2011: Mark Smalley at Inspiration Week
Mark Smalley is delighted to have been invited to present the white paper 'IT Spring, innovative use of Soacial Media' at the Inspiration Week organized by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration
Aug 12, 2011: Social Media and ASL & BiSL
Rick Mans and Mark Smalley share some provocative thoughts about the democratization of the user community in their white paper IT Spring, innovative use of Social Media. How can Social Media be used to innovate processes in application management (ASL) and information management (BiSL)?
July 1, 2011: Study Group for ISO 16350 started
During the plenary meeting of ISO (JTC 1/SC 7) in Paris in May 2011, an international study group has been formed to develop an international standard for application management, based on the approved New Work Item Proposal - ISO 16350 'Requirements for Application Management'.

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