Home News April 26, 2012: ASL® and BiSL® exams live!
April 26, 2012: ASL® and BiSL® exams live!

From May 1, 2012 APMG-International is running the ASL and BiSL qualifications worldwide, leading to ASL- and BiSL-certificates. APMG also provides worldwide accreditation of training organizations and trainers who deliver trainings in ASL or BiSL.

Exams through accredited training organizations
Accredited ASL or BiSL training organizations have the ability to order exams for their candidates. With the search-engine on the homepage of APMG, you can see which of the accredited training organizations are accredited for ASL or BiSL at this moment. See also Qualifications ASL and BiSL.

Exams through public examination center
If you have prepared for the exam using self-study, you can sign up for a 'public exam' through the website of APMG-International, see Public Exams.

For more information about ASL or BiSL exams or accreditation, you can contact the Service Desk of APMG-Interntaional: servicedesk@apmg-uk.com, +44 (0) 1494 452450.



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