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March 9, 2010: Successes in 2009
2009 was a successfull year for the ASL BiSL Foundation, with more theme sessions than ever and growing international awareness.   Also with the start of the ISO fast track for the draft international standard for application management (DIS 26500), the initiative for a 'BiSL Bachelor' course and the launch of ASL 2 in The Netherlands, a new chairman and a new office.

Growing international awareness
International awareness has grown substantially last year, due to international  speaking engagements in India, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, China and Belgium. Successfull also were 30 application management professionals in India and 12 professionals in China who passed for their ASL foundation exam and now belong to the growing number of ASL-certified professionals. 
More than 50 ASL and BiSL 'best practices', like checklists, templates and process descriptions, have been translated to English and published on this website.

Knowledge partners
A first knowledge partner in India has joined the foundation: the Kenna Management Group. In The Netherlands three knowledge partners have left the foundation at the end of 2009, but since then five new partners have joined us: CAI HINFON, GovUnited, Accedis, ASR Netherlands (former managing partner Fortis) and recently The Lifecycle Company.

Let's head for another successfull year!



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