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ASL® and BiSL® Foundation exam
For application managers, information managers, business information managers and other officials in the fields of application management and business information management the following exams are available: the ASL Foundation exam and the BiSL Foundation exam. These exams provide an internationally recognized ASL and BiSL certificate. The ASL BiSL Foundation monitors the quality of these exams through regular checks by experts from the ASL BiSL Foundation.

Accredited training organizations
Training in ASL and BiSL is provided by accredited training organizations, who also run the exams. APMG provides accreditation of these training organizations on behalf of the ASL BiSL Foundation. In this way, the ASL BiSL Foundation monitors the quality of the training organizations. See here for more information on accredited ASL trainers and BiSL trainers.

The following training organizations are also partner of the ASL BiSL Foundation:
International (see partner website for details):
- Capgemini Academy, go to Capgemini Academy or mail to csopl.nl@capgemini.com
- Quint Wellington Redwood, go to Quint Group or mail to f.frambach@quintgroup.com
In The Netherlands:
- KPN Consulting, go to KPN Consulting or mail to louk.peters@kpn.com
- NOVI, go to NOVI, or mail to info@novi.nl (accredited as university of applied sciences)
- The Lifecycle Company, go to The Lifecycle Company or mail to rene.sieders@thelifecyclecompany.nl
- Valori, go to Valori Academy or mail to suzanmartin@valori.nl.

Examination after self-study
Preparing for an ASL or BiSL Foundation exam is also possible through self-study. Registration for the so called public exam is through the website of APMG-International, see Public exams.

No bridge exams required
Since March 1, 2012 the BiSL Foundation exam based on the 2nd edition of the BiSL framework book is available. The old BiSL Foundation certificate has retained its value. A bridge exam for this certificate is not required. See here for more information about the BiSL exams.
Since October 1, 2009, the ASL Foundation exam based on ASL 2 is available. The old ASL Foundation certificate has retained its value. A bridge exam for this certificate is not required. See here for more information about the ASL exams.

For more information about ASL or BiSL exams or accreditation, you can contact the Service Desk of APMG-Interntaional: servicedesk@apmg-uk.com, +44 (0) 1494 452450.



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