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Cluster 'Management processes'

Cluster 'Management processes' ( 6 Files )

These processes control the management tasks of maintenance and renewal processes (and connecting processes) from the point of view of planning, costs, needs and contracts. They form the connection between strategic and operational processes.
Strategic processes

Strategic processes ( 2 Files )

On the strategic level, BiSL consists of two process clusters ('Develop information strategy' and 'Develop I-organization strategy') and one connecting process, Information coordination. 
Cluster 'Use management'

Cluster 'Use management' ( 10 Files )

Use management supports the users in daily use of the information provision, provides operational control of the IT supplier and monitors the operational data maintenance.

Cluster 'Functionality management'

Cluster 'Functionality management' ( 9 Files )

Functionality management designs and realizes changes in the information provision.
Cluster 'Connecting processes - operational level'

Cluster 'Connecting processes - operational level' ( 6 Files )

The connecting processes on the operational level provide decision-making regarding changes in the information provision and carry these out in the user organization.

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