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In 2007 the NEN, the Dutch Standardization Institute, introduced the Dutch Standard for Application Management, the NEN 3434. This local standard was developed in cooperation with the ASL BiSL Foundation and is based on ASL. For more information, see NEN 3434.  

Within ISO/IEC, an international study group is started in May 2011 with the aim to develop an international standard for application management, the ISO 16350. This study group is chaired by the ASL BiSL Foundation. The standard uses material from the Application Services Library, ASL ® and the Dutch standard for application management, the NEN 3434. The draft standard ISO/IEC 16350: Application Management is expected to be published at the end of 2014 as international standard for application management.

Audits and certification 
Application managament teams can have their application management activities audited to the Dutch NEN 3434. Certification audits based on NEN 3434 are provided by the British Standard Institute (BSI), from their local office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For more information, please mail to piet.coevert@bsi-global.com




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