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An integrated chain for information supply management
ASL BiSL Foundation (formerly ASL Foundation) has managed ASL® and BiSL®’s key ideas for several years, and is now developing them further. In doing so, it is seeking to bring business and IT closer together. The supply of information – perhaps by its very nature – needs to take place via an integrated chain.

Information systems and related applications have a long shelf life. Constant modifications are making these systems increasingly complicated and expensive to manage and renew. The control of IT processes is crucial here. ASL BiSL Foundation is a meeting place for professionals with a common interest. The Foundation encourages the improvement of working methods and the exchange of best practices. Co-operation offers great advantages. The experience of others helps to improve management processes within each organisation. And each organisation's own experience helps other companies. The result should be an improvement in the quality of the overall service provided industry-wide.

Product groups
To achieve its aims, the Foundation holds conferences and special-subject evenings. It makes high-quality best practices available, publishes articles and white papers, tries out syllabuses for ASL and BiSL examinations, and sets requirements for certification of application management organisations. The product groups described below are responsible for these activities.

Events & White Papers: this product group arranges special-subject evenings and conferences. It publishes white papers on current topics within the subject area of information supply, such as outsourcing, compliance & governance, metrics and other ASL and BiSL-related subjects.

ASL Best Practices
gathers, selects, edits and publishes ASL practices and monitors their use.

BiSL Best Practices gathers, selects, edits and publishes BiSL practices and monitors their use.

BiSL Implementation exchanges knowledge of BiSL implementation and devises process descriptions for BiSL processes and process clusters.

ASL Certification sets certification requirements for application management organisations, in co-operation with the Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN), and others.

Metrics exchanges knowledge about metrics, benchmarks and key performance indicators (KPI) of ASL and BiSL processes and gathers information about tooling being used for this purpose.



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